Immune system monitoring

The immune repertoire is enabling detection and defense of diseases

The immune system is essential for health, protecting your body from harmful substances, germs, and cell changes that could make you ill. Using immune repertoire sequencing it is possible to identify dysfunctional immune systems. Our technology can detect small changes in the immune system and can contribute to the development of vaccines, drug development, and diagnosis of diseases.

We support the revolution in immune repertoire research, making it easier to develop new treatments.

Immune repertoire sequencing

We have developed the first targeted ultrasensitive immune repertoire sequencing solution for DNA. Our proprietary technology enables improved quantification and excellent sequencing accuracy. The technology can be used to facilitate antibody discovery, vaccine development, and basic research investigations. In addition, potential application for immune repertoire sequencing includes characterizing tumor-infiltrating lymphocytes and detecting minimal residual diseases in blood cancers.

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Immune repertoire sequencing

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Our technology for Immune repertoire can be performed in any standard molecular laboratory to construct a sequencing library within three hours. Our evaluation kit generates a sequencing library from the full repertoire of the CDR3 region of the T-cell receptor delta locus (TRD) from γδ-T cells in a single reaction.
  • Monitoring of the TRD gene of γδ-T cells
  • Easy to use