Ultrasensitive DNA Immune Repertoire Sequencing Using Unique Molecular Identifiers
Authored by Johansson G. et al., Published 2020
Clinical Chemistry

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Simple multiplexed PCR-based barcoding of DNA for ultrasensitive mutation detection by next-generation sequencing
Authored by Ståhlberg A. et al., Published 2017
Nature Protocols

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Detection of tumor-specific mutations in plasma DNA: A potential esophageal adenocarcinoma biomarker
Authored by Egyud M. et al., Published 2017
Cancer Research

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Considerations and quality controls when analyzing cell-free tumor DNA
Authored by Johansson G. et al., Published 2019
Biomolecular Detection and Quantification

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Simple, multiplexed, PCR-based barcoding of DNA enables sensitive mutation detection in liquid biopsies using sequencing
Authored by Ståhlberg A. et al., Published 2016
Nucleic Acids Research

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Response to BRAF/MEK Inhibition in A598_T599insV BRAF Mutated Melanoma
Authored by Bjursten S. et al., Published 2019
Case Reports in Oncology

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Circulating tumor DNA as a biomarker in clinical trials

White Paper

FDA recommends ctDNA in clinical trials

Pontus Rehn

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Pontus Rehn has over 20 years of experience in commercial leadership roles in the medical device and IVD industries, including global and regional positions like VP Market Development, Chief Commercial Officer, and Director of Commercial Strategy. 

Lina Said

Laboratory and Quality Manager

Lina Said, a licensed Biomedical Scientist, brings 18 years of experience from Sahlgrenska University Hospital to her role as the Lab and Quality Manager at Simsen Diagnostics. Her primary focus is ensuring quality assurance and fostering an optimal work environment for the lab. 

My Vu

Lead Laboratory Technician

My Vu is currently doing a master’s degree in biotechnology and demonstrates expertise in laboratory procedures. Her previous experience includes analyzing COVID samples and conducting her bachelor’s thesis at Fraunhofer. My is analyzing all the samples that comes to the lab.  

Stefan Filges

Chief Technology Officer (CTO)

Stefan Filges, an accomplished bioinformatician with a Ph.D. in ultrasensitive sequencing, became part of Simsen Diagnostics in 2022. He played a crucial role as a co-author in the original publication of SiMSen-Seq, which was published in Nature Protocols. 

Camilla Hietanen

Head of Sales and Marketing

Camilla Hietanen holds an M.Sc. in Business Development from the Chalmers School of Entrepreneurship. Her academic background encompasses studies in Sports & Nutrition, and she brings prior experience from various Start-ups. Within Simsen Diagnostics, her primary focus lies in Sales and Marketing. 

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