Cancer is Personal

Simsen Personal™ is a highly sensitive and personalized molecular residual disease assay (MRD) using circulating tumor DNA (ctDNA), custom designed for each patient to help identify relapse earlier than standard-of-care tools.

Simsen Personal™ assays are built on Simsen Diagnostics’ SiMSen-Seq liquid biopsy platform technology. This next-generation sequencing platform incorporates built-in controls and error correction for highly sensitive and specific variant detection.

The use of circulating tumor-derived DNA (ctDNA) as a predictive biomarker for residual molecular disease (MRD) following treatment for solid tumors is rapidly being integrated into clinical trial design and translational research studies worldwide.

Why use Simsen Personal in clincial trials?

Simsen Personal™ is a tumor-informed liquid-biopsy-based test that begins with tissue-based whole-exome sequencing (WES) to identify patient-specific tumor mutations. We then develop a personalized MRD test to detect ctDNA from residual, recurrent, or resistant disease based on the patient’s unique molecular signature.

  • Cancer cells release circulating tumor DNA (ctDNA) into the bloodstream
  • ctDNA is a powerful tool to assess the presence or absence of MRD
  • Dynamic real-time biomarker: the normal half-life is less than an hour