Who we are

Our vision is to maximize the potential of ultrasensitive sequencing to improve healthcare and introduce novel applications. We empower our customers with easy-to-use customizable technologies allowing anyone to perform ultrasensitive sequencing. We believe our technology will contribute to better improved healthcare, speed up the development of novel drugs and find numerous industrial applications.

Simsen Diagnostics' DNA

At Simsen Diagnostics, we are dedicated to providing cutting-edge technologies. We develop ultrasensitive and easy-to-use tools for better healthcare and novel applications. Among other applications, our technology allows precision medicine, personalized treatment monitoring and early relapse detection as well as analysis of the human antibody repertoire. Moreover, our flexible and unique technology enables us to rapidly explore additional applications based on customer and market requirements.


Our team consists of experienced scientists and experts in life science with knowledge and insights into the biotech and pharmaceutical industry. We are passionate about enabling powerful ultrasensitive solutions to improve healthcare for more patients.


Gustav Johansson
PhD – CEO and Co-founder
Gustav Johansson has a Ph.D. in ultrasensitive sequencing of DNA in liquid biopsy. Gustav previously worked in the pharmaceutical industry within RnD at AstraZeneca. In addition to his experiences in life science, Gustav has an M.SC. in business development and entrepreneurship within biomedicine.

Anders C

Anders Ståhlberg
PhD – Co-founder
Anders Ståhlberg is associate professor in molecular medicine at the University of Gothenburg. He is an expert in single molecular detection and cancer and is employed by Sahlgrenska University Hospital to translate ultrasensitive diagnostics into clinical use. Anders has co-invented SiMSen-seq and developed further improvements of the technique.


Tony Godfrey
PhD – Co-founder
Tony Godfrey is professor at the Department of Surgery and Computational Biomedicine at Boston University School of Medicine. Tony co-invented SiMSen-Seq and developed further improvements of the technique. In addition, Tony has been an associate professor at several well-known universities in the US, such as the University of Rochester, The Mount Sinai Hospital, and the University of Pittsburgh.


Mikael Kubista
PhD – TATAA Biocenter Co-founder
Mikael Kubista is co-founder and CEO of TATAA Biocenter and an expert in molecular technologies, and co-author of the MIQE guidelines. Mikael has business development skills within Bioinformatics, Real-Time Polymerase Chain Reaction (qPCR), Protein Chemistry Medical devices and RNA Isolation. In addition, Mikael has proven track record of developing biotech companies, including Life Genomics and Gendoktorn.


Olle Nilsson
PhD – Business advisor
Olle Nilsson is an Angel investor with over 30 years of experience in R&D and commercialization of cancer immunodiagnostics. He is Co-founder of CanAg Diagnostics, a biotech company that was later acquired by Fujirebio Diagnostics. Olle was responsible for portfolio development at CanAg Diagnostics and is currently working as an independent consultant.

Anders Waas

Anders Waas
Business advisor
Anders Waas is a business developer and investment manager at GU Venture with experience establishing start-ups in the life science sector. Anders has over 30 years of experience in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry as an advisor and CEO for multiple companies. He previously worked at the multinational pharmaceutical company AstraZeneca as a business developer and marketing director for over 13 years.