Detect cancer from a simple blood sample

We make ultrasensitive sequencing easy, enabling better solutions for health care and novel applications.

What we do

We develop technologies for ultrasensitive analysis of complex DNA sources. Compared to other technologies for ultrasensitive sequencing, our solutions are both simple to use and specifically adapted for analysis of difficult to analyze DNA such as circulating tumor DNA, a biomarker specific for cancer.
We envision a future where ultrasensitive analysis can revolutionize health care and contribute to faster, accurate, and more sensitive diagnoses of a wide range of diseases.

- Gustav Johansson, CEO


Our technology has a wide range of applications but is specifically made to detect rare copies from the analysis of DNA sources such as circulating tumor DNA and DNA coding for the immune repertoire.


Simsen Diagnostics is a partner in the Sweden’s innovation agency (VINNOVA) funded project “Ultrasensitive analysis for improved health care and forensics”. The project strives to maximize research utility by making ultrasensitive analysis of nucleic acids widely available for end-users. The consortium includes partners from academia, the health care sector, industries, and governmental authorities collaborating to verify the technologies and prepare for commercialization. The project has a total budget of 56 million SEK and is financed by VINNOVA, the Västra Götaland region, and the partners themselves. In the project, Simsen Diagnostics collaborates closely with Research Institutes of Sweden (RISE) and University of Gothenburg to validate technologies for detecting circulating tumor DNA and immune repertoire sequencing.

“It is very fun to be able to implement the methods we have developed in recent years so that they can benefit society,” says Joakim Håkansson, project manager at RISE.