Revolutionizing cancer monitoring

Personalized cancer monitoring with remarkable sensitivity from a simple blood sample

Because cancer is personal

Cancer affects everyone, from the patient to their loved ones. Each patient has a unique story, and every cancer is also different. Despite that each tumor possesses its own set of DNA mutations, patients often undergo testing and treatment using the same standardized and inflexible methods.

More personal is more sensitive

Given the uniqueness of each tumor, a uniform testing approach may not be sensitive enough to detect cancer. For that reason we developed Simsen Personal™, a customized cancer DNA test for each patient, offering next level sensitivity and specificity for monitoring cancer.

Make cancer curable with ultrasensitive monitoring

Simsen Diagnostics is a Swedish biotech company that specializes in ultrasensitive technologies for cancer monitoring. Founded in 2020,
our mission is to make cancer a curable disease.

We envision a future where ultrasensitive analysis can revolutionize healthcare and contribute to faster, accurate, and more sensitive diagnoses of a wide range of diseases.

- Gustav Johansson, CEO


Almost there

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