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Simsen Diagnostics Selected for Business Sweden’s Catalyst Program 

Gothenburg 27th of March – Simsen Diagnostics is excited to announce their selection for Business Sweden’s prestigious Catalyst program, which is a significant step in the company’s journey towards international expansion.  The Catalyst program, designed for the most innovative and promising startups in Sweden, aims to provide tailored support to accelerate international growth in chosen markets. Simsen Diagnostics has identified the UK as its target market due to its status as the world’s leading biotech cluster and the presence of a substantial customer base.  Simsen Diagnostics is revolutionizing cancer care through its advanced technology for monitoring ctDNA, a biomarker directly correlated with tumor burden. With the help of Simsen Diagnostics’ ultrasensitive tools cancer can be monitored and relapse detected years before standard-of-care tools. The technology can aid in evaluating treatment responses, detecting relapses, and identifying remaining disease.  “We’re beyond excited to have been selected for the Catalyst program,” said Camilla Hietanen, Sales

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Simsen Diagnostics AB Announces Collaboration with Sahlgrenska University Hospital for Pancreatic Cancer Study

Simsen Diagnostics AB, a leader in cancer monitoring, is pleased to announce a collaboration with Professor Peter Naredi and his research group at Sahlgrenska University Hospital. This partnership focuses on enhancing the detection and monitoring of pancreatic cancer, using Simsen Diagnostics’ technology, Simsen Personal. Pancreatic cancer is one of the most deadly cancers, often diagnosed at an advanced stage. Early detection is challenging due to the limited sensitivity of current diagnostic tools. To overcome these obstacles, Naredi and his research group aim to investigate Simsen Diagnostics’ solution, Simsen Personal—a highly sensitive method for detecting and monitoring cancer DNA from blood samples. The collaboration seeks to utilize Simsen Personal aiming to identify the disease in its early stages. Professor Peter Naredi, leading the research group at the Department of Surgery, Sahlgrenska University Hospital, stresses the importance of early detection. “The only chance for a cure is to detect tumors in the

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Gustav Johansson Steps Down as CEO of Simsen Diagnostics, Setting the Stage for Next Growth Phase

Göteborg, 2024-01-19 – Simsen Diagnostics, a pioneer in cancer monitoring solutions, today announced that Gustav Johansson will be stepping down from his role as CEO from April 1, 2024. Under his leadership, Simsen Diagnostics has successfully transitioned from an academic concept to a commercially viable enterprise, now ready to enter its next phase of growth. “Gustav has been the driving force behind Simsen Diagnostics’ journey from an academic spin-out to a leader in the cancer diagnostics industry. His dedication to innovation and patient care has set a solid foundation for the company,” said Anders Waas, chairman of the board of Simsen Diagnostics. “As we look to the future, we are excited to find a new leader who can build on this legacy and lead us through the next phase of growth and beyond.” Gustav’s decision to step down aligns with the company’s strategic plan to scale operations and expand its

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The future of cancer monitoring in children with Dr. Martin Dalin

In observance of Childhood Cancer Awareness Month in September, we sought to gain a deeper understanding of childhood cancers by interviewing an expert in the field. Some weeks ago, we ventured to windswept Marstrand for an enlightening conversation with Martin Dalin, an associate professor at Sahlgrenska Academy and research group leader at the Sahlgrenska Center for Cancer Research (SCCR). Our goal was to dig into his ongoing work and research efforts.  Martin, a pediatrician and researcher, divides his time between the lab and the hospital, and he provided us with a broad overview of the current landscape.  Over the past decades, the survival rate for childhood cancer has risen from 10-20% to 85%, primarily due to advancements in treatment. However, these treatments are often accompanied by harmful side effects in growing children, impacting brain development, causing learning difficulties, hormonal imbalances, fertility issues, and even heart failure in severe cases. At

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Neogap and Simsen Diagnostics start collaboration to improve personalized cancer diagnostics

Biotech company Neogap and cancer diagnostics company Simsen Diagnostics have initiated a collaboration aimed at improving personalized cancer diagnostics by examining circulating tumor DNA in the blood of patients participating in Neogap’s Phase I/II clinical trial. The goal is to develop more accurate and efficient diagnostic tools for cancer. Neogap is developing a therapy that identifies so-called neoantigens, which are tumor-specific proteins created as a result of changes in the DNA of tumor cells. The set of these proteins is unique to each patient and distinguishes tumor tissue from healthy tissue. Thus, Neogap can use the identification of neoantigens to target its treatment specifically to the patient’s tumor cells. This provides the potential for a potent tumor-directed therapy that spares healthy tissue. Simsen Diagnostics’ personalized technology can use the same information about the coding sequences behind neoantigens to create molecular tests to monitor the level of cancer in the blood.

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Neogap och Simsen Diagnostics inleder samarbete för att förbättra individanpassad cancerdiagnostik

Bioteknikbolaget Neogap och cancerdiagnostikbolaget Simsen Diagnostics har inlett ett samarbete inriktat på att förbättra individanpassad cancerdiagnostik genom att undersöka cirkulerande tumör-DNA i blodet hos patienter som deltar i Neogaps kliniska fas I/II-studie. Målet är att utveckla mer precisa och effektiva diagnosverktyg för cancer. Neogap utvecklar en terapi där man identifierar så kallade neoantigener, vilka är tumörspecifika proteiner som skapas till följd av förändringar i tumör cellernas DNA. Uppsättningen av dessa proteiner är unikt för varje patient och särskiljer tumörvävnad från frisk vävnad. På så vis kan Neogap utnyttja identifikationen av neoantigener för att rikta sin behandling specifikt mot patientens tumörceller. Detta ger potential för en potent tumörriktad terapi som skonar frisk vävnad. Simsen Diagnostik individanpassade teknik kan med samma information om de kodande sekvenserna bakom neoantigener skapa molekylära tester för att följa nivån av cancern i blodet. För varje patient väljs 15-30 unika förändringar ut för att skapa ett personligt

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Pontus Rehn

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Pontus Rehn has over 20 years of experience in commercial leadership roles in the medical device and IVD industries, including global and regional positions like VP Market Development, Chief Commercial Officer, and Director of Commercial Strategy. 

Lina Said

Laboratory and Quality Manager

Lina Said, a licensed Biomedical Scientist, brings 18 years of experience from Sahlgrenska University Hospital to her role as the Lab and Quality Manager at Simsen Diagnostics. Her primary focus is ensuring quality assurance and fostering an optimal work environment for the lab. 

My Vu

Lead Laboratory Technician

My Vu is currently doing a master’s degree in biotechnology and demonstrates expertise in laboratory procedures. Her previous experience includes analyzing COVID samples and conducting her bachelor’s thesis at Fraunhofer. My is analyzing all the samples that comes to the lab.  

Stefan Filges

Chief Technology Officer (CTO)

Stefan Filges, an accomplished bioinformatician with a Ph.D. in ultrasensitive sequencing, became part of Simsen Diagnostics in 2022. He played a crucial role as a co-author in the original publication of SiMSen-Seq, which was published in Nature Protocols. 

Camilla Hietanen

Head of Sales and Marketing

Camilla Hietanen holds an M.Sc. in Business Development from the Chalmers School of Entrepreneurship. Her academic background encompasses studies in Sports & Nutrition, and she brings prior experience from various Start-ups. Within Simsen Diagnostics, her primary focus lies in Sales and Marketing. 

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